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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you find the information here useful. Cats Whiskers Day Nursery combines learning and care for babies and children in spacious and attractive surroundings. Your child will be cared for by qualified and experienced staff.



The nurserys' ethos encompasses learning through play. By using the child's interests as a starting point, the staff plan, support and extend children's learning and tailor the Early Years Foundation Stage into fun and exciting activities that capture the children's attention and imagination. Children will learn far more if they are having fun. 

What Parents Think

“I love how Cats Whiskers have so much room for open learning, problem solving and activities to support their strengths. The staff really go above and beyond for the children to provide fun play spaces and learning activities. The staff work in a professional and friendly manner. I got to go about my day with a peace of mind that they were in safe hands and were happy."

Jemma Marsh-Haines

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